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Brooklyn Elopement Photographer || Alison & Adam || Carroll Gardens

I photographed Alison & Adam’s beautiful Brooklyn elopement at the end of May. These two live upstate, but they love Brooklyn – and Carroll Gardens in particular – and felt like it would be the perfect setting for their intimate wedding. I met Adam first outside of the Carroll Gardens brownstone the two of them were staying in while they were in town. He came down the steps, so joyful and excited, their pup Parker in tow, “I know we’re just meeting, but I feel like we should hug! Let’s hug!” I knew then I was going to love this couple and this wedding, and boy, was I right. A few minutes after Adam came down, Alison came around the corner, fresh from getting her hair done and ready for their First Look. I am now convinced all First Looks should involve adorable dogs, because I’m pretty sure Parker was just as excited as Adam to see her.

It was such an easy day. It was one of those weddings that reaffirmed why I do what I do – to work with genuinely good hearted people, to capture love and laughter and friendship and family. It was just a really simple, honest wedding overflowing with love, and I think that’s an incredibly beautiful thing. I know that I will always remember this wedding as being one of my very favorites of this year.

Alison & Adam – you two are so wonderful in every way, and I am so grateful to have been a part of your day. Thank you for everything!!




  • Lauren

    Oh my god, I love them. And I love the man wiping his eyes after their ceremony. And I love the way you adore your clients, Katie. This was a good one!!

  • This has me all kinds of teary-eyed this morning!! Love it! So sweet and you know I love the pup!!! :)

  • Aw! Sweetness. She reminds me of Maggie Gyllenhaal at times. I love the one with the wine glasses in the foreground and their hands in the background!

  • OMG love this so much!!!

  • Alison Brueggemann

    Katie Jane, you are so amazing! Thank you for so beautifully capturing our special day—it wouldn’t have been complete without you!