Well, we did it. We survived June. High five to all my wedding photographer friends, who know what I’m talking about.

June was my busiest month in this business to date, and I am not going to lie, I felt a little overwhelmed looking at my calendar on June 1st. But I took it day by day, as I try to do with most things, and it wasn’t as crazy and hectic as I was sure it was going to be. Yes, there were a few nights working until 1am, but not as many as I was anticipating. And there were just as many evenings spent in my backyard with a glass of wine, laughing with good friends. I felt like I was able to strike a balance between work and life for the first time… well… ever, honestly. June was good.

Now I’m ready for the long, easy stretch of July. July is always an oasis in the middle of wedding season. I only shoot a handful of weddings in July because of the heat, and I can focus on editing allllll those weddings from June and working on my side projects. On Wednesday we leave for Vermont for an extra long weekend. I look forward to spending some time in the woods, swimming in Lake Champlain if it’s not too cold, and just being away from my computer for a little bit. I’m shooting a wedding today, I need to finish editing two weddings tomorrow, and then I’m home free for five days. I can’t wait!

I had intended to officially launch the wedding collective website I’ve been working on – Weddings for Two – but it’s not quite ready for primetime, so I’m going to push it off to next Friday – July 11th. I am SO excited about this little adventure, and I can’t wait to unveil it!

So how is your summer going so far?

  1. Anni Bruno
    Jul 01, 2013

    Congrats on powering through! I feel the same way. Looking forward to a few lazy days coming up.