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I know things have been way too quiet around here. Mostly because I’ve been working like crazy, preparing for our vacation (10 days to go!), my 30th birthday on Monday, and the upcoming launch of my new website and brand. Things are about to change big time around here, and I’ve been trying to process that change and decide what I want my business to be in its new form. It’s been a crazy summer, and it feels very appropriate that my 30th birthday and the rebrand are happening at the same time. I feel like I have this chance to start over in a lot of ways. Work on some personal things, as well as changing the way I do business a little bit. Doing things the way I want to do them instead of the way the wedding industry says I should do business and other photographers do business. (Much more on that later.)

I attended Jeff Newsom‘s workshop upstate last Tuesday, and to be honest, that’s definitely been part of the silence around here. I loved everything about his workshop – the Lightroom stuff, the lighting stuff, the shooting stuff – but what I really took away from it is the way Jeff tells stories as a photographer, and the freedom he has in his work. And so I’ve spent the last week and a half thinking about that a lot, and wondering what that looks like for me.

All of this is to say… BIG BIG BIG things are happening around here. I am feeling more free as an artist than I ever have in my career. There are going to be fewer words and more photographs around here, a change in pricing structure so that I can tell your stories to the fullest extent, and I’ll be shooting a lot fewer weddings in 2014.

I have a lot to share with you guys about the direction this business is going in, but I want to wait until the new site/branding are officially launched. And when that happens, I’ll be back to blogging again more frequently, so just hang tight.

And because every post needs a photo, here’s a portrait I took of my husband after I came home from Jeff Newsom’s workshop. I was trying out some new lighting techniques I had learned that day.


“I am feeling more free as an artist than I ever have in my career.” I love that this is happening, Katie Jane! Happy 30th — here’s to a wonderful year full of creative opportunities, balance and joy. xo

Can I email you and get all the details/good stuff early?! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP TO AND ALL THESE BIG CHANGES AND THIS IS SUCH A TEASE!!! HAHA :) Seriously though. :) I’m so excited for you! 30 was a big year for me too – I’m excited to see what you do with this decade!!! XOXO!

Joanne Toback

So glad to hear that things are going well for you, Katie! Happy Birthday!!

Sad to hear that more peeps will be missing out on your talent as a wedding photographer…and really, really glad (and blessed!) that you were still doing those when Alison and Ken got married last year. What a wonderful day that was, and you captured it magically!

Wish you all the best,
Joanne Toback

Haha I was going to post all the same things as Christy. Love that. You know just how to make us squirm with curiosity here on the other side of things!

I’m so pumped for you. You’re doing really big things, and I can’t wait to hear more. You are such a *huge* inspiration to me, as a business owner, as a photographer, and as a person. I really admire how you do things, and how you are constantly searching for what’s next and what’s truer. Enjoy your birthday to its fullest; I know you will. :)


maryann terillo

Katie Jane

As someone who loves photography as an artform, I hold your work in very high regard. When reading your post here and the one on Tumblr I was struck by your desire and hope for the creating of art and a viable business and I was in a strange way, incredibly proud of you. When you and John moved to NYC i was just someone who knew you through his family. I am not a friend, we do not really know each other well. But what I do know now is that you have worked, worked worked to make this “come true”. At the same time you have a talent (seen in so many of your beautiful wedding photos) to make NYC look so amazing. You must be a native New Yorker in your soul. Thanks for everything that you are doing, you give me hope.

nice image! would love to know how shot this ox