A bracelet handmade by the bride’s great-grandfather during WWII. A bow-tie and pocket square. And the dress… oh that dress. This City Hall elopement was just bursting with sweet details and style. But more than that, it was just bursting with love. Pru & Cam – working with you guys has been a joy from day one. Wishing you two so much happiness in your new life together!

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  1. Amanda
    Sep 20, 2013

    So, I’ve decided when we elope (haha, yes we have had a wedding/are married, but considering we only have a civil union in IL right now, we will have to do it again when they legalize it here or I guess we will just come to NY, haha…), you must be there. Because you are pretty much my most favorite ever. Your work never ceases to amaze and inspire me, Katie! I love how timeless these feel!