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[Insert Photographs of London Here]

On my calendar today, it says I’m supposed to blog my photos from London. But… I don’t actually have any. I kept my camera in my bag the whole time, and I regret nothing.

I’ve been crazy lucky this year to get to travel the world. It’s been a year of airports, hotel rooms, trying new foods, meeting new people, packing and unpacking and packing again, and one memorable public meltdown when I found out we were going to miss our connecting flight in LA because our plane in Honolulu was broken, and I JUST WANT TO GO HOME RIGHT NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU. This was not the year I was expecting to have. At all. But it’s a year I will always be grateful for, because it changed my life and perspective in so many ways.

Of course, I’ve definitely felt the (self-inflicted) pressure to document every second. When I got to London, I just didn’t have the energy to do it anymore. I wanted to enjoy the city with my eyes, not through the lens. So that’s what I did, and I don’t know if it’s related, but this was actually the best, most delightful, and most relaxed trip I’ve taken all year. It was cold and rainy and gray, and I had the absolute five best days of my year so far. It was so surprisingly wonderful.

(Random side tangent: huge props to London for being the most vegetarian friendly city I’ve visited all year. I thought it was going to be a nightmare trying to eat there, but I actually had options in every restaurant we went to. It was even more vegetarian friendly than New York.)

I went to museums, drank large quantities of Earl Grey tea, wandered through St. James’s Park one perfect morning, went on three walking tours, had this season of Downton Abbey thoroughly ruined for me by a bunch of British old ladies (sigh), bought a really fantastic pair of shoes on Portobello Road, rode the London Eye at night, and generally fell desperately in love with London. On my last two visits, I came away really liking London. This time, however, it was true love.

But… there are no photographs of any of this, save for a few taken with my iPhone, and there aren’t even that many of those. I allowed myself to experience the city in a way I would normally never do, and I think it’s something I will have to consider doing again on future trips we take.


(A few iPhone snaps from our trip.)

So glad you had such a stellar time and made such wonderful memories :)

“London Walks” are SO fun! Which ones did you go on? Good for you for just experiencing things. That can be hard to do.


the iPhone snaps came out pretty well. Was stalking the instagrams too! :)

Hi!! <3