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City Hall Elopement || Sarah & Robert || New York City

Yesterday was my first wedding of the year, and I could not have asked for a more awesome couple to start the year off with! Sarah & Robert traveled up from Texas for their city hall elopement, and we had a beautiful day together. They were originally supposed to get married on Tuesday, but we’ve had terrible weather for the last week. After a myriad of flight cancellations, we had to move it to yesterday to give them enough time to get their marriage license. As I told Sarah, however, I think it was a blessing in disguise since the wind chill on Tuesday was -15! We really wouldn’t have been able to shoot outside, and would have missed out on so many amazing photographs.

Today everything worked out perfectly, and it was a balmy 32 degrees. (Hey, compared to -15, I’ll take it!) We had beautiful light and these two were total troopers, even as it started to get dark and much colder. As you can see, I think the photos were definitely worth it! (Side note: how gorgeous are Sarah’s eyes?! They just pop in every photograph.)

Sarah & Rob – you guys are the best! Wishing you so much love in your new marriage!

city hall elopementcity hall elopementcity hall elopement

Cindy Wooden

Gorgeous! Making this mama shed a tear of such happiness for my beautiful Sarah and her hubby! Love, love, love!

Aunt Susan

Thank you, Katie Jane, for these terrific photos, being flexible, and taking good care of my sweet niece and her new hubby on their special day. Your comments above brought tears to my eyes.

Sarah and Rob, best wishes on your new life together. Know that making something good from the adversity you encountered just trying to get to the wedding will serve you well in marriage. Love you both!

Oh man I am obsessed with that FUR!!!! What a beautiful start to the year <3


Her eyes are soooo beautiful!