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My Philosophy

All you need to get married are two people who want to commit their lives to one another and a marriage license. Everything else is optional. Flowers are optional, the big poofy dress or fancy suit is optional, a party is optional… even photography is optional. If you want those things, you should have them – and by no means is there anything wrong with wanting them – but that first thing… the two people ready to commit their lives thing… that’s all you really need. And that’s what I believe in and specialize in… marriages. Not weddings.

I believe in telling the story of your day authentically; I believe you should do or have whatever you want on your wedding day, not what the wedding industry says you should have; I believe in marriage equality; and I believe that whatever way you choose to marry…  in the chapel at City Hall or at sunset in Central Park or on the pier at Coney Island… is the perfect way to marry.

Now this is usually the part where a photographer will tell you how many awards they’ve won and how many weddings they’ve had published in The Knot Magazine. I don’t actually care about any of that stuff, and I’m guessing you probably don’t either. You can get a stack of awards, and still not be able to tell a story with your photographs in an honest, real way.

I don’t shoot for Style Me Pretty… I shoot for you.

You can read a little bit more about me here: About Katie Jane.

Now that you know a little about me and my philosophy… I want to hear all about you.