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South Street Seaport Elopement || Lauren & Barry || NYC

This morning I photographed my very last wedding of the year (per doctor’s orders), and I could not have ended the season on a better note. Lauren & Barry traveled from Las Vegas to elope at South Street Seaport at sunrise, and it was just the most perfect morning. Genevieve Dreizen officiated their ceremony just as the sun was rising over the East River behind them. Afterwards we wandered around downtown for portraits and then ended our morning together on The High Line. Lauren & Barry – you two are the best! Thank you so much for everything!

south street seaport elopementsouth street seaport elopementsouth street seaport elopement

Julie Clark

Katie Jane – What lovely pictures, and just as lovely are the sentiments you wrote about them.. You captured portraits of Lauren and Barry perfectly. I am Lauren’s Aunt Julie and now Barry’s Aunt Julie! Thank you for such an amazing job and for very obviously putting your whole heart into capturing beautiful moments like this. True art at its best. I am glad this year ended on a good note for your last photo session of the year and I hope that you are feeling well soon. Thank you again for such a FABULOUS job of capturing their Lauren’s and Barry’s love on their wedding day!


Julie Clark

Vicki Burns

Congratulations to such a wonderful couple! So happy for you!

New York City Elopement Photography || Taryn & James || Central Park

Taryn & James eloped on an incredibly gorgeous evening in Central Park with 15 of their closet friends and family – all of whom traveled from Australia for this amazing day. I think it is so lovely that all these people trekked to the other side of the planet to be a part of Taryn & James’ wedding day, and I think it speaks volumes about what wonderful people Taryn & James are. I met them at their hotel in Midtown before we headed up to Bethesda Terrace for their ceremony, officiated by the fantastic Genevieve Dreizen. Afterwards we took advantage of the golden light for portraits, and I am so pleased with the results. Taryn & James – thank you both so much for everything! Happy travels!

new york city elopement photographynew york city elopement photographynew york city elopement photography


Central Park Elopement || Kristen & Samuel || New York City

Kristen & Sam traveled from Australia for their Central Park elopement, and I had the loveliest evening with these two. I could not have asked for a more laid back couple – they had such an ease with each other and in front of the camera that it kind of made my job absurdly simple. They were married in a quiet spot around the corner from Bow Bridge – with the always awesome Genevieve Dreizen officiating – and then we spent a couple hours photographing portraits. We explored The Ramble, and then headed to the Upper West Side for some classic NYC brownstone photographs. It was such a fantastic day! Kristen & Sam – I hope you two have an amazing honeymoon!

central park elopementcentral park elopementcentral park elopement

Dang, Katie Jane! Each one of these is absolutely stunning and frame-worthy! Amazing!


Part of me wants to be inappropriate but I just can’t Congrates to the both of you! Absolutely stunning photos!

Marianne Moreau

Oh my god ….. you topped even my wildest imagination. Fantastic …. incredible…… brilliant idea…….
Gorgeous photos and great location…… you both look amazing.
My heartiest congratulations for a wonderful life together.!!!!
WOW !!!!!!

Anthony Lasaitis

Congratulations to you both from all your friends at Karl Storz!

Katherine Herrera

That is fantastic! I wish you both the very best in your new adventure. Great photos you both look stunning!

The Elephant(s) in the Room (Womb?)

I wasn’t sure when/if I was going to share what’s been going on this year. Why my blog has taken a backseat, why I’ve been so quiet. I’m not one for a lot of personal posts anyway, but since this is officially affecting my business now, it’s time to address the elephant in the room… er, elephants as it were. If you follow me on Instagram you already know, but John and I are expecting identical twin girls this fall!

Needless to say, twins were a HUGE and completely unexpected surprise. We thought we were only having one baby, as Baby A was apparently hiding at my first doctor’s appointment, so it wasn’t until the second appointment when they found her, and the shock is only now starting to wear off. (I assume this child will be a pro at hide and seek.)

This year has been one of those years when you realize the idea that you have any kind of real control over your life is just sort of an illusion. All my careful planning for my life and business this year went flying out the window as soon as my doctor said the words, “Oh, look at that – a second heartbeat! It’s twins!” I have had to just completely let go and see where things take me this year.

Unfortunately I spent the first four months of this pregnancy incredibly sick, but I am finally starting to feel better now. The idea of keeping up with my blogging in any real way was a bit laughable, let alone working on any of my personal projects, so I actually have a lot of awesome stuff to share in the next few months now that I’m feeling better – some amazing weddings, a bunch of boudoir sessions I shot as a personal project, a ton of film work, as well as my experience at the FIND Montauk workshop in May.

I will also not be able to take on any additional weddings/clients this year, and will be on leave from work until at least June 2015. I am hoping to occasionally check in on the blog during my leave, but I know my world is about to be turned upside down, so we’ll see if that actually happens. Mostly I want to take a step back from this business for a little while, which has been my full-time focus for the last six years, and just enjoy this new wild, uncontrollable adventure John and I are about to embark on. (An adventure that is currently kicking me so hard I can see my stomach vibrating on the outside. I think they know I’m talking about them.)


Ahhhh! Identical Girls!!? Ahhhhmazing! Congrats!!!

BABIES!!! 2!!!

Congrats Katie!!!

:) :) :)


Welcome to the dark side!


We are over-the-moon happy for you guys (as you know), and think that although it is uncomfortable not feeling in control – life throws things at us just when I think they are meant to. I hope this step back is wonderful for you guys and you can cherish this beautiful time in your lives! xoxo

So excited for this next adventure for you! I know it’s crazy and unexpected, but you are going to be such awesome parents. I love that shot of the Rollei too!


Congratulations Kaite and John! A great adventure indeed!

Naomi and Ben

This is amazing news Katie!, I’m so very pleased for you both! Ben and I are going to come back next year and wanted more photos but summer style so we’ll make sure you’re working again and we can hear all about your new little darling. Bless you all and best of luck xxx

So so so happy for you and this new adventure in your life!!! It’s going to be totally amazing and unexpected and out of your control a lot of the time, but ultimately way worth it! I’m going to be in NYC in October, I’d love to catch up and chat all things mommyhood with you over something yummy if you are available! :)

You are amazing, and such an inspiration to me! I feel like I’m just a couple steps behind you, now that I’ve got the elopement thing down, we’re thinking of kids next year, but have no idea how it will affect my business. Thank you for showing that it’s ok to step back and let life happen! So much love to you both!!

Sam and Paul Micklewright

Huge Congratulations Katie and John! So pleased to hear your news, enjoy the adventure its simply amazing… Love Sam, Paul and our new addition Baby Noah xx

maryann terillo

you and John will be doing the first set of “rapids” getting ready for the babies. Just remember that if you need anything just ask!

Twin girls to match the boys…holidays are really going to rock at the Ghoulah residence

Jasmine & Aloysius Eaglin

Hi Katie,

Aloysius and I want to send a huge congratulations to you and John! Our son was born Nov 5th 2013 and he sure did flip our world upside down – in a great way of course. You’re in for a wild ride Mama! Get ready and enjoy!! Big hugs from all three of us! xoxo

- Jasmine

Central Park Elopement || Derek & Susan || NYC

Yesterday I photographed Derek & Susan’s lovely Central Park elopement at Bethesda Terrace. It was a gorgeous evening, and I had such a wonderful time photographing these two. After their beautiful ceremony, officiated by Alice Soloway, we wandered around the park for portraits and had the most perfect, golden light to work with. Here’s a very small sneak peek! Derek & Susan – thank you for everything! Happy honeymooning!

central park elopementcentral park elopement