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Fall Mini Portrait Sessions || September 20th || Riverside Park



On Sunday, September 20th, I will be photographing an afternoon of mini sessions in Riverside Park, on the Upper West Side, in New York City. Mini sessions are short and sweet portrait sessions – ideal for holiday cards, updating your family photos, or as a short engagement session.

The details…

Fall Mini Sessions

A 30 minute portrait session in Riverside Park with up to five family members. 

20 photographs delivered via digital download.

Five spots available, between 4pm and 7pm, on Sunday, September 20, 2015.


Sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis, and a 50% retainer is required to hold your spot. (The other 50% will be due one week before the session.) To snag your spot, just email me at katie [at] katiejanephoto [dot] com or send a message through my contact form. Can’t wait to get you in front of my lens this fall!

mini portrait sessions


NYC Family Portrait Photographer || The Michael Family || Central Park

One of the best things about my job is when I have the chance to photograph the same people from year to year. I photographed Kara & Andrew’s Central Park elopement in 2013, and this week they returned to the city for a visit with their beautiful six month old daughter in tow. I was so excited when Kara emailed me to ask if I would photograph a family session of the three of them, and this morning we all returned to Central Park to document the next phase of their lives. It was so much fun to photograph a family again – something I used to do quite a lot, but haven’t done as much since I started focusing on elopements. Here is a small sneak peek – much more to come. Kara & Andrew – it was so wonderful to get you two in front of my lens again, and meet your sweet girl! Thank you for everything!

nyc family portrait photographernyc family portrait photographernyc family portrait photographer

Goulahs Go West || Travel Photography

Last summer, John and I took an epic road trip from Missoula, Montana to Phoenix, Arizona. Five states, roughly 1500 miles by car, three national parks, two state parks, one tribal park… all while five months pregnant with twins. We decided to plan this trip after we got back from Australia in 2013 – we had traveled to the other side of the world and had seen one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and yet we were suddenly struck by the fact that we had never fully explored our own country. Needless to say, we planned this trip before I found out I was pregnant, but decided to go ahead with it despite the fact I was a little more limited in what I could do – white water rafting and long hikes were decidedly out. It was still an amazing trip, but I desperately want to retrace our steps – perhaps with the kids in tow next time – and do all the things I was unable to do the first time around.

We flew to Missoula first because John’s dad lives there. He, his girlfriend, and John’s sister joined us for the first part of our trip through Yellowstone. Our time in Missoula was brief, but we managed to go tubing down the Clark Fork River and walk around town a little bit. I’m hoping we can make it back to Missoula next summer, because I really loved it. Then we set out for Yellowstone – staying at the Canyon Lodge near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is an incredible place. It sticks with you. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since we were there – I’ve just never been so overwhelmed by a place. Yellowstone is almost unfathomable in its beauty. We were lucky enough to see buffalo, coyotes, elk, tons of beautiful birds, and most incredible of all – a black bear walking through a field of wild flowers with her twin cubs in tow. (I actually asked my friend Erin, who is an amazing artist, to paint this scene for me to hang in the girls’ room after they were born because it felt like such a good omen when we saw the bear.)

After our time in Yellowstone, we parted ways with our family and headed to Park City, Utah for a few relaxing days. I LOVE Utah. I first visited in 2012 when I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding at the Sundance Resort. I was so happy to be back. We wandered around Park City, explored Antelope Island State Park, ate lots of good food, and lounged at our hotel pool. (We are actually going back to Park City again in December – my first wintertime visit – and I am so excited.) If you haven’t been to Utah, you need to go. It’s the best.

Our next stop was Moab and Arches National Park. Moab is such a cool little town, and one of my biggest regrets is that we didn’t plan enough time here. We stayed at the Red Cliffs Lodge, and our room was just steps from the Colorado River. This was probably my favorite hotel on our trip. Arches is beautiful – the rock formations are stunning. It was also HOT. Around 105 if I recall correctly.

Monument Valley was next after Moab, and I think it was probably our least favorite stop. There was just nothing I could do here as a pregnant lady. It was a beautiful place – and the highlight of our stop here was watching the sunrise over the rock formations. But I was glad we were only here for a day and was excited to move on to the Grand Canyon. We stayed in Williams, Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon. It’s a kitschy little town, and I loved it. On the day we visited, the Grand Canyon was very hazy from all the fires around. I’d like to visit again, but next time I definitely want to go down into it, preferably on a raft.

Finally we ended our trip in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a few days of poolside laziness. It was the perfect, relaxing end to our trip.

I think the biggest thing I got out of our trip is an obsession with our national parks. I always fancied myself a city girl, but I loved being in these wild places. I want to go back to Yellowstone, and plan trips to other parks – particularly Yosemite and Glacier. I have some plans in the works for a long hike next summer out west with friends, which I hope come to fruition.

All the photographs in this post were shot on film – either 35mm or on my Mamiya 645-AFD. To see more photographs from our trip, just search the hashtag #goulahsgowest on Instagram.

traveling to yellowstonetraveling to yellowstonetraveling to yellowstonetraveling to yellowstoneyellowstone national parkyellowstone national parkyellowstone national parkyellowstone national parkyellowstone national parkyellowstone national parktravel photographertravel photographertravel photographertravel photographertravel photographertravel photographerutah travel photographerutah travel photographerutah travel photographerutah travel photographerutah travel photographerutah travel photographer

These are amazing! What a great trip!


Katie, these are awesome!! The second picture, the one with the wolf/coyote, is phenomenal. I LOVE it!!

New York City Elopement Photographer || Love Wins

new york city elopement photographer

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but the Supreme Court finally (finally!) legalized same sex marriage nationwide on Friday, just in time for Pride this weekend. And what an incredible weekend it has been. I feel like I haven’t stopped grinning.

On Friday morning, waiting for the ruling to come down, I felt such a knot in my stomach. I was fairly confident the Supreme Court would do the right thing, but it was hard not to feel nervous, thinking of all my couples over the years who had been waiting so long for this moment. When it happened, I just couldn’t stop crying. I grabbed my children and held them to my chest as we watched President Obama’s speech after the ruling. (While we normally don’t let them watch TV, sometimes you just have to break the rules when history is being made.) They will now get to grow up in a country where they will be able to marry anyone they want, if they decide to get married someday. And their generation will think it’s crazy that we ever denied same sex couples that right. That is a beautiful thing.

new york city elopement photographer

To all the couples I have had the honor of photographing over the years who have been waiting so long for this day, I just wish I could give you all a giant hug. It makes my heart so happy to know your marriages will now be recognized wherever you live.

I’ll leave you with the final paragraph from Justice Kennedy’s opinion, which is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read on marriage…

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.

The judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is reversed.

It is so ordered.

new york city elopement photographernew york city elopement photographer

Unckle Mike

Proud of you Katie!

Gwen Schablik

Words can’t express how happy we are to have met you and to have had you be part of our special day. Thank you for being awesome!!

Elope in NYC || Wendy & Matt || City Hall Wedding Photographer

I photographed Wendy & Matt’s City Hall elopement on a gorgeous spring day. These two traveled from Australia to elope in NYC, and I absolutely adored working with them. I met them at the Park Lane Hotel for getting ready photographs, before the three of us headed down to City Hall for a late afternoon ceremony. These two were so much fun, and I think we spent all day laughing. After their ceremony, we made our way to Central Park and the Upper West Side for portraits. The last of the blooms were still out and the light was just perfect, so I was a very happy photographer. Wendy & Matt – thank you both for everything! It was an absolute joy to be a part of your day!!

elope in nycelope in nycelope in nycelope in nyccity hall weddingcity hall weddingcity hall weddingcity hall weddingcity hall weddingcity hall weddingcity hall weddingnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementnew york city elopementcentral park weddingcentral park weddingcentral park weddingcentral park weddingcentral park weddingcentral park weddingcentral park wedding

Hair & Make-up: Cari Duprey  ||  Dress: Mandy Heng  ||  Shoes: Nine West

NYC Engagement Photography || Amber & Marley || Central Park

Yesterday I had the honor of photographing my friend Amber‘s engagement session with her amazing fiance, Marley. It was a gray and misty day, and the clouds were low and dark over the skyline. Sure, golden days are great, but I love the atmosphere of New York City on a foggy day just as much. I met these two at Bethesda Terrace, and we wandered around the park from there. I love what we ended up with. Here’s a small sneak peek – much more to come. Thank you for everything, Amber & Marley. I adore you two, and I can’t wait to party at your wedding!

nyc engagement photographynyc engagement photography


We love these! Thank you so much. It was really fun, and I feel so beautiful.

So much happiness! Love them and these photos. :-)