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I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about holiday cards and fall family portraits, but for me it’s never too early to plan.  As many of you know, I’ll be taking the entire month of October off for my wedding and honeymoon, which is sort of bad timing for my business.  Many of my clients have annual family portraits in the fall to use for their holiday cards or to give as Christmas gifts to their loved ones.  Because I won’t be working in October, the window in which to get your annual portraits done just got a lot smaller, so now is the time to start planning and thinking about when you want to schedule your portrait session.  I will definitely get booked up more quickly this year.

The deadline to have your portrait session done and have your photographs by Christmas will be December 5th.  If you want me to design a holiday card for your family, the deadline to have your portrait session done will be November 20th.  I have to set these deadlines in order to make sure that I can keep up with both editing and client orders.  So the time to schedule is now.

I would suggest booking your session in September, or early November.  I have already booked up a couple of weekends in the fall, so if you know you’ll want portraits sometime before the end of the year, please don’t wait to schedule something.  Since I have such limited availability, I will try very hard to accommodate everyone who books early.  I will definitely be working overtime in September to make up for October.  If you have a date in mind, just let me know, and I’ll get it on my calendar!

I’m already so excited about the great people I’ll be working with this fall!

And because every post needs a picture, here is a photograph I took from our roof this past weekend.  It’s been extremely smoggy in NYC the past few weeks, as you can see:


Kathy & Ted Sneak Peek || Long Island City || Gantry Plaza State Park

Today I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for the lovely Kathy and Ted.  I headed out to Long Island City, and we shot in the beautiful Gantry Plaza State Park on the East River.  It was early evening, and the light was absolutely gorgeous.  I’ll have a much longer post later this week, but for now, here is a little sneak peek!




Love this last shot- great portrait but really love the out of focus NY skyline. Grant

Thanks, Grant!! That last shot is my favorite too. Thanks for stopping by!

Some Updates || Central Park Engagement Photography

This week has been incredibly busy.  I woke up this morning, and couldn’t believe it was Saturday.  Work has been wonderfully busy, wedding planning has been crazy, and my best friend spontaneously decided to drive up on Wednesday and spend a few days with me.  So my new blog got pushed to the wayside for a few days.

First of all, I am so excited about the entries I’ve gotten so far for the Elopement Package Giveaway!  It is going to be so hard to choose a winner.  Keep those entries coming!

Secondly, I am going to be running a 24 hour engagement session sale next week for everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter.  It is going to be a pretty insane deal; we’re talking a discount of over 50% on engagement sessions for one day only.  So if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, click here to do so.  You’ll be able to take advantage of lots of coupons/discounts and the like as a newsletter subscriber.

There are so many things going on over here, and I still have to take you on a guided tour of the new blog – once all the bugs are worked out.  It’s going to be a busy busy busy couple of weeks, so stay tuned, and thanks for your patience this week as I put blogging on the back burner for a few days.

And now, because every post needs a picture, here are a couple of photographs I snapped of my BFF this week, during her visit:

Elopement Package Giveaway || NYC Elopement Photographer

Since I moved blogs, I’m sure the elopement package giveaway I was holding will get lost in the shuffle, so I’ve decided to repost it here, and extend the deadline to August 1st.

How to enter:  Leave a comment with your wedding date*, your wedding plans, your email, and why you think you deserve to win free wedding photography!  I’ve extended the deadline to August 1st, and will announce a winner on August 2nd.

Please feel free to email me your entry if you are uncomfortable leaving it in comment form, or if you have any questions.


(*You must be getting married in New York City before the end of the year.)
Lisette M

Hi Katie,
So my fiance and I will be eloping to NYC on Aug. 9th, 2010. We orginally were just going to go to NYC to see the Yankees play Boston (Go Yankees!), but decided last minute to elope in NYC. We had orginally gotten engaged in March of 2007 after graduating high school as high school sweethearts. We never had the chance to get married soon after our engagement due to many financial complications including his mother losing her job, my father losing his job (so we had to help pay rent), and putting me through school. FINALLY, we decided that we would wed in June 2011 (enough time to save up for a wedding). But of course, DRAMA with the family came running along with everyone trying to accomadate for themselves. Luis (my fiance) and I have been together for 8 years and had realized that in the end, all we need is eachother (and a photographer of course) to make this life changing commitment to eachother. We deserve to win this giveaway for 2 main reasons. After reviewing your portfolio, I grew highly interested in your work but was afraid that I would not be able to afford your outstanding photography. Also, there are no words that can explain the need in capturing such a life changing time in my life that will soon become a memory to me but a story to my grand children and with my budget, I know that a disposable camera can not simply capture all the emotion that a professional photographer (Katie Jane Parker) can.

Can’t wait to see more. Love the new look!

Kristina Anderson

What a fabulous giveaway! One of the reasons we have chosen New York City to elope is because of the beautiful sites available, the pictures are bound to be breathtaking. Our planned wedding date was Jan. 11, 2011, I understand for the purposes of the contest you must be getting married by the end of the year- well winning free photography might make us move up the date! We were originally thinking Rockefeller Centre, you know the tree and all but as I began to research everyone says maybe for a picture but too busy and crowded for the actual ceremony…so maybe Grand Central Station? Obviously at this point we are more than a little flexible and way too excited, you wouldn’t think we would still be this in love as we have been together for over 6 years by the time we marry. I don’t really know that I deserve something so special as to win this package which really what you are offering to memorialize our special day, but I know that my fiance deserves everything the universe has to offer. I have been married and divorced previously and am about 5 years older than my intended. I have three children and he has been as wonderful and supportive of them as he is of me. You will never meet a kinder, gentler individual ever. His main concern with our wedding is me having everything I want and not to put any more financial pressure on us so winning this package would be just one more paragraph to add to our love story. Thanks for the opportunity for me to tell you a little about us, maybe we will meet – for at least 4 hours:)

[…] of all, I am so excited about the entries I’ve gotten so far for the Elopement Package Giveaway!  It is going to be so hard to choose a winner.  Keep those entries […]

Well in my case I may not qualify for the contest because the Hubby and I got married August of last year in the NYC courthouse but I’ll give it a shot. We were both in the middle of finishing school and tuition was our priority at that moment (and all we had money for) but we really wanted to make it official – so we decided to go to the most fabulous city in the world just us two and get married. Due to the budget we had we decided to make a 5 day trip to NYC to get married and as a mini-honeymoon. Unfortunately we never got to take pictures that day because it was only us two in the city and we didn’t have any extra money to hire a photographer. This year we are planning on going back to NYC for our 1 year anniversary on August 19. Not having a wedding was not an issue for us and we truly love the way how our wedding day turned out but I would have always liked some professional pictures of our wedding as a sweet reminder.

My New Home || New York City Engagement Photography

Welcome to Katie Jane Parker Photography’s new blog home!  I am so excited – after a lot of work – to finally be here, with the blog I’ve always wanted.  There are still tweaks to be made, so I apologize in advance if things are a little wonky for the first few days.  (I know the links are showing up lime green… I will hopefully figure out how to fix that tomorrow.)  A massively huge thank you to my incredibly smart fiance for helping me set everything up.  (I am so lucky to live with a computer engineer!)

Take some time to look around, and update your readers.  I’d love to hear any suggestions/feedback you may have about the new place.  Keep an eye out for all sorts of new features, and I’ll try to walk you through everything later this week.

I hope you’ll keep on following me at my new little home on the web!