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NYC Photographer || Why I Deleted my Facebook Business Page

Some of you may have noticed the Katie Jane Photography Facebook page seems to have disappeared. This is because I deleted my personal account and my business page along with it. I am curbing back my social media usage this year. Partly to be more present in my own real life, and partly because I am tired of Facebook holding my business posts hostage. If you have a business and want your Facebook posts to reach more than a few people, Facebook expects you to fork over cash for each one. Which I sometimes did, with minimal return on my investment. My clients just don’t find me on Facebook – they/you find me through Google, word of mouth, and Instagram. Sharing anything on Facebook was like yelling into a canyon – only my own voice echoed back.

When I did my taxes and saw where my money went last year, I wasn’t happy to see what I had given Facebook, and how little I had gotten in return. I think I can continue to grow my business without them, and so I’ll be taking the money I would normally use to boost my Facebook posts and putting it toward loving my clients. While I have always tried to give my clients the best customer service possible, this year I am recommitting to that goal in a big way. My time and money are better served taking care of my clients and their needs, and that’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve always maintained that I don’t shoot for wedding blogs, and I would like to now add that I don’t shoot for Facebook “likes.” I shoot for YOU. That was true almost eight years ago when I started this business, and it’s truer than ever today.

(And speaking of being present in one’s life, my friend Kelly Prizel wrote a post recently that really hit home for me. I could elaborate more, but just go read Kelly’s post because she summed up my feelings about stepping away from social media more perfectly than I could have.)

Why I left Facebook

Facebook has become such a drain, it’s a sad state of affairs. I need to put my phone down more…way more. 2016 late resolution?

NYC Portrait Photographer || Iceland: The Portraits

I’ve had this post queued up for over a week, but posting it is the last Iceland related thing I get to do, and I don’t think I’ve wanted to let go just yet. People keep asking me what my favorite thing about Iceland was, and while the country was incredible and beautiful beyond belief, it’s really the people I traveled there with that were the best part. Jessica & Matt, Elissa, Kandise & Andre, and Lauren. They made me laugh until I was falling out of my chair and crying, happily posed and let me photograph them wherever we stopped, and fed me delicious food. (Well, the food part was all Lauren. She is the best cook.)

It’s always a gamble when you travel with friends, and it can easily turn into a disaster if everyone has different traveling styles, but I think we got really lucky, and I was so sad to say goodbye to all of them when we flew home at the end of the week. So here are all the portraits my friends let me take of them as we frolicked through Iceland together.

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nyc headshot photographernyc-portrait-photographer-132nyc headshot photographernyc headshot photographernyc headshot photographer

storyboard002nyc headshot photographernyc headshot photographernew york photographernew york photographernew york photographernew york photographer

Miss you!! <3

Love <3 Love these, and you!

Aww, I agree with all of this!

Holy man, these are STUNNING. Wow wow wow

Wish I could keep you around just to photograph me all day because you make me look so pretty <3

Conservatory Garden Elopement || Sandra & Cesar

On Friday I photographed the beautiful, springtime elopement of Sandra & Cesar. It was a gorgeous afternoon – all the blossoms seemed to have appeared literally overnight. I met them at City Hall, and after their quick ceremony, we headed up to the Conservatory Garden in Central Park for portraits. Here’s a small sneak peek – much more to come. Thank you for everything, Sandra & Cesar!!

conservatory garden elopementconservatory garden elopement

Brooklyn Elopement Photography || Jennifer & Malin

Yesterday I kicked off my busy season with Jennifer & Malin’s City Hall elopement. After their elopement, we headed to Brooklyn for portraits, and it was such a perfect spring day. I absolutely adored working with these two. They were up for anything and really trusted the vision I had for their photographs, and I think we made some magic together. Much more to come, but here’s a small sneak peek. Thank you for everything, Jennifer & Malin!

brooklyn elopement photography

brooklyn elopement photographybrooklyn elopement photography


Love it!!! What an absolute pleasure it was having you shoot our special day. I cant thank you enough!


That last photo with the subtle elope sign is amazing!

Travel Photography: Iceland

Last week I traveled to Iceland with some of my dearest photografriends, and we had an incredible time. We stayed in Selfoss for the first part of the week, then made our way to Reykjavik – in a white out blizzard (yikes) – for the second half of the week. Needless to say, I took roughly eleventy billion photographs, so I’m going to break them up into a couple of different posts. First, the landscapes and next week, the portraits.

There is a lot of hype around Iceland – particularly in the photography community – but I have to say, it’s all true. It really is as gorgeous and wild as it’s made out to be. There were so many moments last week when I just looked around in awe and wondered… how is this real life? Wild waves on black sand beaches, rainbows arching over massive waterfalls, turquoise geysers bubbling up from the earth, horses dotting the hillside beneath volcanoes, and the northern lights shining green against a backdrop of stars. Seeing the northern lights was truly one of the best moments of my life.

Here’s a peek into my adventure.

travel photography
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Somehow I feel as though I haven’t quite left all the way yet. Was so nice to gang out with you. We should do that more. Gorgeous pictures. You really do a landscape justice.

Love all of these, and loved getting to meet you and share this trip and these views with you!