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Q • My wedding is overseas. Do you travel?

A • Absolutely. I love photographing destination elopements and intimate weddings. Whether you’re getting married in Alaska or Rome – I am there!

Q • Do you have back up gear?

Of course! So far I’ve never had a major failure at a wedding (knock on wood), but I have back ups for everything. Just in case.

Q • Are you insured?

A • I am! If your venue needs to see proof of insurance, please let me know at least two weeks prior to your wedding date.

Q • Is your business legit? Do you charge sales tax?

A • Yes, my business is on the up and up. My official business name is Katie Jane Photography LLC, and I make sure all my business practices are in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Q • When will we see our photographs after the wedding?

A • You will see a sneak peek on my blog within 48 hours after the event! After that it generally takes 6 weeks to fully post process your images. When you book, I will give you the exact date that you can expect to see your beautiful images.

Q • Do you blog every wedding and/or portrait session?

A • I do! If you are not comfortable with having your photographs on the blog for some reason, please let me know during the booking process.

Q • What is the biggest piece of advice you give couples?

A • Give yourself extra time for everything. Everything just takes longer on your wedding day, so if you think getting dressed will only take 10 minutes… plan on it taking 15 or 20. Time seems to just disappear on your wedding day, so give yourself extra.

Q • How far in advance should we book?

A • For weekday elopements, I’m more flexible, but you should still book at least a month in advance if you can. (Although sometimes I’m available last minute – so feel free to inquire even if your wedding is in a few days. If I’m already booked, chances are I know someone AWESOME who isn’t and can refer you!) For weekends, however, I tend to get booked up about three to six months in advance.

Q • Do you photograph City Hall elopements?

A • Due to the long wait times, I am no longer taking on any City Hall elopements or weddings. I highly recommend hiring an officiant and going that route instead.

Q • How many locations can we fit in for portraits?

A • I prefer you pick one or two locations, so we can work slowly to capture genuine photographs. In the past, I’ve had people try and fit in three or four locations, and found it’s too much rushing around. I find that when we’re moving quickly, everyone gets more anxious and the photographs suffer. So let’s pick one or two locations that are true to you, and take our time there capturing a variety of beautiful images that reflect what your day was all about.

Q • Can we take portraits in Times Square after the ceremony?

A • Before you go any further – READ THIS. I’d encourage you to think a little more outside the box when selecting a location for portraits after (or before) your ceremony. I will no longer be photographing in Times Square or similar tourist hot spots, such as the Empire State Building, but I can recommend other photographers who will if that is a location that is really important to you.

Q • Can we have the unedited, RAW files of our wedding photos? We know a little about Photoshop and would like to edit them ourselves.

A • Unfortunately I do not release any unedited, RAW images. A RAW file is an incomplete product and only half of my vision. When I take a photograph, that is only the first part of the process. I then take that photograph into the digital darkroom and add my own style and touches. Releasing a RAW file is like giving you a half-finished painting. If you are hiring me, I want it to be because you love the way I shoot AND the way I edit.

Q • I still have questions…

A • No worries! I’m happy to help or offer advice! Just drop me a note, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!